Rescued from untimely death

February 16, 2019 by 0

####Good morning Sir!

I want to testify of God’s greatness. The hallelujah challenge we had this election morning was the first I fully participated in since it started this year. When you said the prayer against untimely death, I kept praying for the youth corp members and those that’ll be involved in the election basically. But that prayer was for me because God knew the elections will not hold this morning. I woke up this morning by past 10 and sometime around past 11, I was perceiving the smell of leaked gas in my room. I ran to the kitchen only to see that one gas knob was turned and open like it was in use. I was home alone so I called my dad and accused him of leaving the gas on this morning before leaving home. He said he didn’t touch it, that I was the last to do so when I cooked dinner last night. There’s NO way I’d have served food last night after cooking without turning off the gas. I did dishes and still went to the kitchen by 2 am to get water, no gas was leaking or smelling. I don’t know how this happened exactly but I’m grateful to God. I could have died because I was about to stand up to cook breakfast this morning when I perceived the gas. More than 14 hours since I touched the gas last night. If I had died, my dad would have had a heart attack. My mum would have suffered same too if she heard. I’m just thankful to God for His protection over me!!! My name is Itunuoluwa Lambo. Please share my testimony. I DONT want to be anonymous!!! God bless and strengthen you and your team sir. Amen!

Itunuoluwa M. Lambo#####

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