Rescued my family from all afflictions

July 25, 2017 by 0

All glory and honour be to the most High God. He is the I Am that I Am and the Ancient of Days…the Olowogbogboro tin yomo e lofin aye indeed. I already shared my amazing bottom-pot testimony earlier. There have since been several more He has added for me all to the glory of His name. During the Hallelujah Challenge, my husband who was then the sole breadwinner for the family suddenly lost his job and everything was looking bleak and hopeless. Suddenly Olowogbogboro stepped into the situation by connecting him with someone who referred him for a much easier and even more lucrative job. Another is the fact that l had been praying for my teenage son who l noticed his manhood was not developing and in fact was looking like that of a toddler. It was like it ceased to grow and He from time to would ask me if something was wrong with him. Suddenly just immediately after the challenge l chanced upon him as he was dressing up and was pleasantly surprised and shocked that the Lord had restored his manhood to that of an almost matured adult. Another lingering problem Olowogbogboro solved was my teenage daughter’s bed wetting which had been another object of shame particularly as she is about to go into the university. Suddenly this problem that l had prayed and fasted on since her younger days simply just vanished. Another major one l can’t but mention is a strange sore that had afflicted my father’s limb that had been draining our resources without healing also has suddenly healed all during this season. These are just some of the many miracles Olowogbogboro has recently done for my family. His daily miracles for us are uncountable. My heart is so filled with joy and my prayer for everyone is that they will experience His special touch too in Jesus name. Thank you, Pas. Nath for being a vessel of honour. May His presence never depart from you and yours.

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