Respiratory Infection Healed

June 15, 2017 by 0

I joined the challenge on the 13th..My son had been having a running nose for close to three weeks at that time, and his temperature kept rising from time to time within the three weeks period. We were told he had a respiratory infection so we were given medication. He got well abit then 5 days later he started running temperature again and started looking sick. I started being scared that he may die. My only prayer request on my first praise night was for God to heal my son.. As I knelt down near the bathtub in the bathroom as I was worshipping the bathtub felt like it was a coffin and I was standing over it. I prayed against the spirit of death and continued worshipping till I received peace. I went to sleep and my son’s temperature was still hot and my husband wanted to start panicking I just said he is healed, there is nothing wrong with him. He woke up healed. I am grateful to God for using you to minister to us. #Olowogbogboro did it….

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