June 15, 2017 by 0

Pastor I am so excited right now, words can’t express my feeling…
My first testimony happened on day 12 ( the day the devil attacked on network failed)… I DM it to you that night…

I joined this challenge last Thursday..On Friday I read a testimony of someone who received the gift of the holy spirit. I commented under that post that I want the same from God as my birthday present this month…Pastor on day 12 I started speaking in tongues..The power that came over I couldn’t control it…I was in tears after over 15years of desperately wanting it, Olowogbogboro gave it to me just like that.

Part two… There is this lady at my mom’s job that has been making work hell for her…I mean you she goes as far as using all sort spiritual power and she will even comfort my mom with it…She has been trying to get my mom fire for years…My mom just told me today that the lady was fired… You need to hear me screaming Olowogbogboro… You have no idea how this lady has tormented my mom’s life for over 10years…I will be back with more testimonies because God has not finished with me yet.

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