Scholarship and Visa Granted with ease

July 22, 2017 by 0

Onise Iyanu, you’re the God of awesome wonders, I’ve tasted of your power, Onise Iyanu, you have shown me so much mercy, much more than I deserve… This God is awesome.. .Olowogbogboro, Onise Iyanu, Alagbadaina, the Mighty Man in battle, my Way Maker, Miracle Worker, Promise Keeper…. He is true to His Word… He promised to go before me and make every crooked path straight, He promised to go with me and never fail me nor forsake me and He has done just that and more… He will forever be my God. He will forever be my Father. First of all, I have always dreamed of being a US-trained medical doctor. A dream that seemed too big at the time, however, I began to apply and for months I didn’t hear from the school I wanted to go to, so I didn’t think much of it again and even lost hope of getting admission into the school… Haha but Olowogbogboro had a surprise package for me. Suddenly, I checked my email account and saw a letter of admission from this school and not only that, they added scholarship that I didn’t even apply for and wasn’t expecting and other scholarships as well… Hehehehe… Oluwa e tobi, e tobi o, e tobi. Ko seni Ta le fi shey afiwe re o e Tobi, Oluwa… The events of the second part of this testimony occurred early this month and I’m here now to testify to shut the mouth of the loser called Satan and to give glory unto He to whom glory is due. God has bathed and clothed me with His favour. I went for my US visa interview early this month and this Faithful Father favoured me immensely. The consular officer that interviewed me asked me just 2 questions and told me to pick up my visa at the location I chose… JUST LIKE THAT! No supporting documents asked, no prolonging the interview… I doubt it even lasted more than a minute and I was admitted… I never see this kind God before, wonder wonder wonder wonder… PRAISE THE LORD!!! I know that he that has done this one has answered the rest of my Hallelujah report. It is no longer my book of requests. It is my book of testimonies… HALLELUJAH!!!

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