Scorpion Bites Healed

June 14, 2017 by 0

I joined the Hallelujah challenge on the 7th of June, God has manifested his glory in my life. On Monday 12th, while preparing breakfast, I felt a sharp pain in my feet, when I looked down, it was a Scorpion that has bitten me. The testimony now is; I have two children who usually would cling to me in the kitchen, it could have bitten them and they wouldn’t have been able to explain it and the scorpion would have escaped. Also by 5pm that day I didn’t feel any pain any more, was definitely a miracle because I had read of how deadly scorpion bites could be. I am still expectant for more things God has in the pipeline for me during this period and I can’t wait to testify so the men can draw near to Him. I pray that God replenished you d grants you strength, Pastor Nathaniel.

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