Sexual Sin Healed

February 6, 2019 by 0

Hallelujah, He is called way maker, miracle worker, He said His eyes are on the sparrows and certainly He watches me. He gave me a financial open door today. This was not one of the two requests we prayed for but His ways are His ways and he turned my mourning into dancing????????????

###Good evening Pastor… Yes please help me spread the news, God is here.. I have struggled with sexual sin since December till now, yesterday I told God I am not going to continue this challenge because I feel you won’t answer any of my prayers… But if u would let Pastor Nat pray for addictions. Except I was in my own world last night I heard you pray for addictions… God is indeed here..

I forgot to add this.. I called off that relationship this morning as early as 6am, I don’t know what I am doing but I just hope it is the right thing..

###Good afternoon Pastor…I just have to share this testimony and Confirmation of God at work in this Hallelujah challenge..So yesterday as I fasted and prayed the RCCG prayers for Signs and Wonders-I asked for a sign that HE hears HIS Children and so I went to my seat and the song ‘You’re Jehovah started playing In my head I had to download Prospa’s You’re Jehovah and played it all the way home.I then told God pls make Pst Nath raise and sing this song at the Hallelujah challenge and all of a sudden when I was deep in workship last night you raised the song and I screamed Jesus !!????????I got the sign I prayed for and God started work in my Career today..this is the prelude ??#####


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