Sprained Knee Healed

June 15, 2017 by 0

Good day man of God.  I joined the halleluyah challenge for the 1st time on the 11th and I was sooooo excited and lifted after the session that I could not sleep!!! Prior to now, I sprained my knee while exercising sometime last year. After several massages and therapy sessions it was ok but hurting once in a while if I stand for too long. About 3 weeks ago I started feeling the pain and heaviness all over again and really badly. It was so bad that my prayer times in the morning were done sitting or lying down because I could not stand for long or attempt to kneel down or bend the knee properly. As I started the halleluyah challenge I completely forgot my inability to kneel or stand for long. I just realized yesterday after the session that I actually knelt down most of the time!!! To my greatest amazement, I feel no single pain or heaviness and I did not even pray about it. Just like that, it’s all gone and my left leg is totally back to normal. Olowogbogboro at work! Bespoke miracle on point!!!!! Thank you Jesus!!!!!

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