Strength Restoration

June 15, 2017 by 0

Jehovah! My Abba, receive my praise! God bless you and increase favour to you, Pst Nathaniel Bassey, in the name of Jesus. Amen.
When I heard you had concluded a one-month praying in tongues challenge in May, I was sorry to have missed it. I have need for the manifestation of so much change in my life and family. Then, I heard about the praise challenge and made up my mind to commit to it.

The first night I joined, I did not know about the live stream so I worshipped to a playlist I had made. Since then, I have praised God, I have declared His Word. In the last two praise sessions, I worshipped on my bed because my body was so weakened by illness. This morning, I almost did not participate because I felt I needed to sleep and rebuild my strength. But the joy of the LORD is our strength! Halleluyah!

12 midnight came and I was still awake so I decided to participate but lying down in bed. Within 5 mins, I got out of bed and knelt/sat on the floor, worshipping God. The first time Pst Nathaniel said we should jump in praise, I could not move my limbs but I kept praising God and praying in the Spirit.

The network was poor, I could barely hear anything but the spirit of praise got a hold of me. I found myself jumping up and racing out of my room so as not to disturb my sleeping husband as I shouted in praise to God, as I prayed in tongues with a loud voice, as I jumped and lifted up my hands. JUST LIKE THAT, God restored strength to me and healed me. HALLELUYAH!!!

I also got this word from the LORD, “Every altar (of a shortened life, of economic stagnancy, of chronic disease destroying our good quality of life, of singleness) raised against us has been smashed to smithereens by the mighty hand of God!” Isa 41:10-16.

The mighty deliverer has done it and there’s more to come. Praise the LORD!


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