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June 15, 2017 by 0

At exactly 7.12AM of June 9, I received a disqualification mail from one of the applications I did, one of the highly competitive leadership fellowship in Africa – Young African Leaders Initiative by former president ┬áBarack Obama.
I knew quite well that I don’t deserve the disqualification so I mailed them to request for the reasons and criteria used in selection but I got a mail that “they were sorry and all”. I was pained and disturbed, then I spoke with one of my friend from South Africa about what I was going through, so she reminded me that Prayer and Fasting does a lot in successful applications, so I planned a prayer and fasting session for myself. After the first day of prayer, another friend of mine introduced me to the #halleluyahchallenge by Nathaniel Bassey and that she prayed for me already during her prayers, so I joined the following night June 13th, I enjoyed it and I became optimistic about my testimonies, and the following night I did same.

Today June 15th, after I had my regular one hour noon prayer too, I had a nudge to check my mail but I forgot, at past 3pm, I remembered and checked, and to my amazement, the foundation mailed me with a congratulatory message that I have been selected and I will be travelling by July 31st.

This testimony is humbling because I have gotten a disqualification mail already. It’s very unusual and I give God the glory that I have made me received my own share of the many miracles of #OneHourHalleluyahChallenge and I know this is just the beginning because Olowogbogboro has just started with me. Also I received another mail for the scholarship I applied for that I have been selected too for the first round and I know God will perfect it. This is Olowogbogboro ti’nyo omo’re l’ofin aye!

I know you will read this when you are online, but if there’s a mail for testimonies, I can as well forward all my testimonies there because I am going to have a landful of wonders and miracles!

Thank you pastor Nat!



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