June 15, 2017 by 0

I’m so excited right now because I’ve also tasted of God’s power and his mighty hand.

On the night of June 13 after my husband and I got home, we parked the car and tried to roll up all the glass but the glass at the driver’s side refused to roll up, we tried every means but to no success. So he told us to go into the house and later used a nylon to cover it over night but I wasn’t happy and comfortable with the situation so I prayed that God should touch the car. I later went outside to retry it but still didn’t work so I gave up.

During the midnight praise and prayers I was abit reluctant to praise because I felt God wasn’t listening to my prayers (even with this little request) but I prayed about again in tears, finished the session and went to bed. The next day’s morning I went back to try and to my surprise it rolled up itself. I was shocked and super excited that God heard me. He answers prayers in His time. Thank you Jesus. OLOWOGBOGBORO did it and it is just the beginning of more miracles, open doors and testimony.

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