Supernatural Deliverance and Examination breakthrough

July 30, 2017 by 0

First of all, I just want to encourage someone here that if God hasn’t answered you yet or it seems like he isn’t listening, pls don’t be discouraged, keep praying to keep thanking because he is working something out. I have felt this way for so long for more than a year, I lost hope, praying became a task as I would think or just say to myself “what’s the point really?” he doesn’t answer when I pray. So when the hallelujah challenge started my niece mentioned it in her conversation with me because also as a family we have been experiencing all sorts of challenges and prior to when she mentioned I wasn’t even following Pst. Nathaniel Bassey on Instagram, so it piqued my interest went to his page and started following him, read about the challenge, I think that was about day 4 and decided to give God another try, that’s what I said to myself. I joined and tried every night to do the challenge until the last day. In May, on the 10th precisely my brother was jailed in the US for something he didn’t do, while the court case was on that day we were praying as the case was on and eventually he was still given 6months jail time. I don’t need to say how much this demoralized us, we were devastated, to say the least, so when we joined the challenge that was part of our prayer points. Throughout the period of the challenge, may I mention that it didn’t seem like anything was working as concerning our prayer points but the only thing I noticed was my faith DID A REBOUND and he gave me peace. I had my own Hallelujah praise playlist and the two top songs on that list were in no particular order, MADE A WAY BY TRAVIS GREENE AND ALAGBADA INA BY NATHANIEL BASSEY, I just couldn’t stop playing those songs, I would listen to them all day as I was driving.
Now concerning my brother’s case we had tried to get him out using a lawyer and me think twice his application was denied citing that he had a previous record which wasn’t true as he had none and he then applied for the leg monitor program because we just wanted him out,(the leg monitor program is one which you have a leg monitor around your ankle, and you can’t move beyond a certain radius of your home) that didn’t work also and then suddenly, somebody say SUDDENLY, on 20th July, my brother’s friend called to tell us that he had been released, JUST LIKE THAT, without any application or anything, of course you can’t imagine the joy we felt, after a few hours, we still hadn’t heard from him and then I became worried and said or did something happen to him and they didn’t want to tell us the truth, because the release process was taking for forever and then shortly afterwards his video call came in and the rest they say is history. This is what OLOWOGBOGBO did, my brother said he was going to have his bath that morning and he had gone to collect soap from his correction officer and she looked through her computer and said your name isn’t on my system anymore and she said 9 out of 10 times this has happened its because the person has been released and he said he told her that that’s not possible in my case because I was given 6months and I have just spent 2months and she said well she would check with the front office, he said he just concluded that it was just a glitch that happened with the system because of course it wasn’t possible to be released just like that, so he proceeded to the bathroom and he said while having his bath, his number was called over the public address system and was told to pack up that he was going home because he had been released. he said other inmates ran into the bathroom, to call him and even he was still in shock, it felt like a dream, anyway he packed up and started the release process.

The judge who jailed him,(we kept calling his name throughout the challenge) went wherever and the one who came to sit in for him asked that my brother be released immediately , we hear that it is very unusual and hardly ever happens for one judge to sentence someone and another comes to release, even his lawyer was shocked when he called her to tell her he had been released just like that and the lawyer said just give God praise and ask no questions. MAY THE NAME OF THE JUDGE OF ALL JUDGES BE PRAISED FOREVER AND EVER?AMEN

My second testimony is, my husband who was supposed to go outside the country for a one year course got schemed out in a way that we didn’t understand. So I told GOD that since he didn’t allow himto go out for the course even after praying for months on end that since he would remain in Nigeria to do the course he has to give him the highest grade, first term looked easy, second term the difficulties started rolling in and by third term, oh my goodness, it seemed like everything was falling apart and the more i prayed it seemed like it got worse, but the final results came in last week and he didn’t only make the grade we prayed for but he also came out amongst the top. I give God praise, infact i haven’t been able to say anything except just thanking him. Please don’t loose hope, help is on the way.

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