Supernatural provision

September 18, 2018 by 0

Way Maker made a way for me this, l am super grateful and excited. Thank you, Way Maker, for supernatural provision. I went to the supermarket to buy a few things according to the money l had. I then met someone l used to go to church with before l relocated. I didn’t even know that he now works at this supermarket. We got talking and he said that he was meant to finish work at 2pm but something kept him there and he just could not go home. I think l got into the supermarket at 2:45 pm. Anyway, long story short, remember l was just going to buy a few things according to the money l had but Way Maker had already gone ahead of me. The man told me to take ANYTHING and EVERYTHING l needed and that he would pay for it. I ended up leaving the supermarket with EXTREMELY a lot of things, way more than what was on my shopping list and l didn’t pay for it. Way Maker showed up and showed off, may supernatural provision be your portion in Jesus name. I am still rejoicing and l will continue in the spirit of thanksgiving. I am singing ( Your name is a Way Maker Jesus, to you belongs all power Jesus, wherever l call your name, you make a way, your name is a Way Maker Jesus ). I didn’t even pray for groceries but yesterday pastor Nathaniel gave a prophetic word regarding uncommon favour and supernatural provision and l thanked God for the word. Way Maker is a God of suddenly. Someone get ready for your suddenly. My name is Ndanatswa-Maggie and please do not make me anonymous. Olowogbogboro is far too kind.

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