surely God hears

September 6, 2018 by 0

My name is Vanessa obande,pastor Nathaniel,God bless you and keep his fire burning more in you,thank you for this aveneu to call on the almight God to set his people free, i want to return all the praise and glory to this God of wonders,father to the fatherless,kai my testimony is a long one but I’ll make it short,some years ago in 2014 I had a dream and a man said to me in that dream that I was challenging him,and I asked him who he was,he got so angry and the next thing he fetched sand and chanted some incantations and blew it into my hair,I immediately felt goose bumps physically were I laid,I got up took my anointing oil and poured into my hair,when I scratched my hair that night I saw particles of sand in it (I have witnesses)but after I prayed I ignored it,but after that day I would feel like something was moving inside my hair,until I was told one day by a pastor that I needed to cut my hair,because the enemy had sent an arrow of madness to my enemy,and I should make sure I do not go into the new year with that hair,I said OK, but found it difficult as I had had it for 8 years(dreadlocks)but I obeyed and did as he said,then after a few months infact a day to the end of 2014 i finally cut my hair but u even at that I would still feel the movement once a while inside my hair,I would jus anoint myself and forget it,on the first night of this hallelujah challenge I prayed for healing and restoration..that night I slept and had another dream,were I was washing my hair and really scrubbing my scalp,suddenly I felt something moving inside,and I scrubbed even harder,the next thing that followed was an insect a size of a fly fall out of my hair ,it had wings but it was more like an ant with wings,i shouted and I killed it,since then til now that movement has stopped…God has delivered me from that wicked arrow of madness…to him I return all the honour

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