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Good day Pastor,

This recently concluded 14 days halleluyah challenge, I wrote down fourteen request as instructed.
I am a student in America and God has been faithful financially as i have no support. Last year, i didn’t pay my tuition on time and i was dropped and my I-20 terminated. it was left for homeland to decide if i will leave the country or get approved of reinstatement. I was deprived of the benefit of a student(no scholarship, can’t get a driver’s liscence and even more) and was only allowed to attend classes, pending when i get reinstated. I called homeland earlier this year and i was told i would get a feedback September 2018, I was sad as i was going through hell.
I joined the halleluyah challenge and followed instructions. one of my prayer request was to get reinstated before august 2018. I got a call this morning 16th july 2018 i have been reinstated and please note sir, 17th july 2018 is my birthday.
I borrowed money to clear my school fees and was saying to God as one of my request to pay off all my debt. two of the individuals told me not to refund. this was one of your declarations during the halleluyah challenge that financial debt will be paid. I have not paid all but God has started already.
Finally, I asked God to give me a means of income after I was laid off, they called me back and i got another offer. strike three out of my 14 request. Definitely, i will be sending more testimonies via mails till all my prayer request manisfest and even more.
God is faithful!!!!!!!!!!.
As God continues to use you may he bless and protect you abundantly sir.
Warm Regards,

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