God has indeed been faithful,my testimony is from last Hallelujah challenge pastor Nathaniel, during the Hallelujah Challenge in June u asked us to write down what we want God to do for us. My first request was to have a closer walk with God and God has helped me, I have experienced A closer walk with him like never before. My husbands boss then wanted to transfer him to another state infact had already told him to get ready (which we both knew it wasn’t for a good reason) I asked God to cancel the transfer And not make it work out and God did it, God Also healed me, I also requested God to bless us with a new car which came this year, during the second Hallelujah challenge pastor Nath said God was giving out blessings in multiple folds(1,2 1,2,3) also during the Holy Ghost service of Daddy Adeboye birthday last year he said he asked God for many children(can’t remember the number) I was pregnant and didn’t knw when I found out I had mixed feelings cause my son was jst a year old buh Pastor when I went for my first scan during the 2nd Hallelujah challenge it turned out to be twins I then prayed to God pls give me a boy and a girl and pastor God has blessed us with twins a boy and a girl and has promoted my husband in his place of work. God has indeed been faithful my name is joy

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