Good morning brother Nathaniel,
I had been holding my own testimony until you said this one this morning,, I was stunned at AraOluwa. I had been experiencing that exact thing. A being comes and overpowers me and have sex with me in my sleep for as long as I can remember. For my mum’s sake I had visited some “prayer houses” (they call them ministries) cause they were always coming to tell her and sometimes me,, that there is a strong man following me- spirit husband. And that, they say, is the reason am not yet married,, or have anything working well for me in life. During the prayer week,, they tried to press me to have sex in the dream. One of those nights I couldn’t sleep cause every time I shut my eyes,, the force would come and I would struggle with it until I woke up.
On Day 1 of Hallelujah challenge,, in the dream, I went to inquire of my friend why he had not joined in the challenge as I had invited him to,, while trying to put a call to him in front of what seemed to be the door to his house,, a hand came from behind me trying to shut my mouth but glory be to Jehovah Who helped me pull through and called the name of JESUS my STRONG TOWER. I woke up immediately and found myself still pushing in real life. It all seemed soooo real. I began glorifying God for the victories won. Since then,, it has been from one victory to the next.
I sleep peaceful now and not afraid that I might be overpowered in my sleep.
If I have to write it all,, it would be an epistle. By the way,, that was the ONE thing I prayed for. TO BE COMPLETELY DELIVERED AND TOTALLY FREE FROM EVERY FORM OF BONDAGE. ¬†And that song; YOUR NAME IS A STRONG TOWER JESUS… ¬†helped armed me in the dream cause it was being sang in that dream. I can’t stop declaring it!
Praise the LORD.
God continue to bless,, protect and keep you,, your crew and all your family members. Indeed the enemy shall not exact upon you!
Glory to El-yon

Josephine A.

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