September 17, 2018 by 0

Good morning sir, first I want to appreciate u for taking others like me along.I won’t say I was a Christian at the beginning but your prayers made me changed my ways though right now am not still perfect.before the hallelujah challenge started during one of the prayer night while we were praying a spirit came to me and said my interview will be a success the next morning. On that faithful day I got there and was giving a number so the boss called us to his office and we sat down we were about 8 and I was d 7th person but he interviewed me first and it was successful,I had the second interview after few days it was successful too so today Thursday by 5pm uae time I will be having the last and final interview so I pray and I know God will do it and make it successful I will be sending down 10% of my first salary to the lord through your church…..thanks sir and God bless u

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