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Hello sir,

So last week when we were having the pre-halleluyah challenge sessions and we were instructed to give God thanks for both things He had done and the things we were believing Him for, I wrote a certain point in my gratitude journal thanking God for success in an exam (which had not yet manifested). You see, my husband wrote a certain international professional exam and there was a certain paper (out of 4) that kept coming back as failed. The third time he wrote it, he was so sure he was going to pass as the exam went well. It came back as failed again with a mark less than the pass mark. He re-wrote it again for the 4th time in April and sadly he wasn’t even as confident about it as the previous time. We were already talking about plans for him to travel to retake it again in September (for the 5th time). But the result came out this morning, and to the glory of our amazing God, he passed and hence is qualified. I also want to thank God for my baby. This time last halleluyah challenge, I was newly pregnant with our baby. I wasn’t sure if the pregnancy was here to stay or not as we had a peculiar challenge. But today, me and my few months old baby boy danced to ‘imela imela’ during this morning’s halleluyah challenge. I am so grateful to God, and God bless you.

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