Dear Pastor Nath,

Praise God,
I gave some money to my boss to help send to my mother who is in Nigeria but for some reason what could be done in a day took almost a week, I was disturbed because he either wasn’t picking my calls or gave absurd excuses as to why the money had not yet been sent. Yesterday before the prayer session I cried bitterly because I felt the only name I know (JESUS) wasn’t responding. But during the one hour prayer challenge I called on him again, the WAY MAKER to make a way for me. During my sleep, I had a dream that I was given the prove of payment of which I prayed In agreement to once I woke up this morning. To God be all the glory @ exactly 2:43pm I got a message today with a photo of the prove of payment to Nigeria. Grateful for this and more testimonies to come.?


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