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Good afternoon bro Nathaniel,

I didn’t do well in the last unit of my MBA course because I was in & out of the hospital. Marks were released and I failed it but I assumed failing just one unit won’t deter me from graduating, so I did nothing.
One month after the mark was released, the lecturer emailed me that he can only support me on the 2nd attempt if I submit it within one week of his email as he will be going away on summer vacation.
Heart-broken, I called the MBA office and they confirmed I won’t be graduating this year. Dejected, I sent an email to the lecturer explaining my plight to him but nonetheless agreed to re-attempt the unit (no matter what I write this time, the mark attainable is only 40%).
Days went by and I didn’t hear back from the lecturer but I joined the hallelujah challenge on 26th June and I remember I just simply said “God if only you will give me a miracle and make me graduate this year….hmmm, will oyinbos give extra mark?”.
My phone rang while preparing to go to the office on 27th June and the same lady I spoke with that confirmed I wasn’t graduating said “I thought you should hear this from me since I gave you the bad news, we have looked at your work and we are happy for you to graduate this year as we have passed you on that unit based on discretion”
Praaaaaaaiiissssseee the Lord!!!

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