Good day sir. 

I have a testimony to share.

I recently started my own practice (professional services) and its been quite challenging. I had included a fast in my hallelujah challenge with a specific request for business prosperity. First miracle was a client who had been owing substantial professional fees paying up in full. Again a client who had brought a business involving thousands of dollars which for some strange reasons we could not commence contacted me this morning, begging me to take up the work and he was ready to pay immediately. The WayMaker is at work. Yet again after work I withdrew money to take care of some things and branched at a carwash to wash my car. I put all the money in my pocket since the carwash boys would have access to the car while washing it. However, all the cash fell out of my pocket and spilled on the floor at the waiting room. N1,000 notes. I didn’t notice until about 30minutes after I got home. Drove back to the carwash and found my money intact, lying just where I sat waiting for me. It was as if God had made it invincible to everyone because the place was very busy and everyone exclaimed that they didn’t notice the money was there.


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