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Before the hallelujah challenge started during the prayer preparations, Pastor Nathaniel said we should go about winning souls.
I have been procrastinating talking to my neighbor cos I live in America and people kind of mind their business, I was asking God to make a way for her to hear the word. But that week, there was a stirring in my spirit and I went the next day and started preaching to her. She said this was what she had been waiting for. She had been suffering mental illness, insomnia, depression, contemplating leaving her marriage, no friends and on multiple drugs for sleeping. She can’t sleep without pills. she just told herself to live like that.
To the glory of God, she rededicated her life to Christ. And since then, I gave her books and devotionals to read and she read it and I was having bible study with her every week.
The next week she went to her psychiatrist and her doctor noticed something changed about her. She told her doctor she had encountered the Holy Spirit.
Her sleeping drugs was reduced and she sleeps better.
Also for the first time in many years, she went to church with me.
Praise God
I’m writing from Baltimore, Maryland USA
Omone Odogbo
Empowered for Dominion

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