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Good morning pastor,  I bless God for his good works in your life.  Early this morning I woke up at about past 12 am to pray since the hallelujah challenge is over.

As I slept back I had a dream,  I dreamt a friend came to visit,  then I saw her off,  I was with my child,  as I turned to enter the street,  there was a lady standing at the junction,  she signaled to me to keep going and not enter,  but I didn’t understand,  so I entered.

Lo and behold there were gun men there looking like kidnappers,  one hit me with a cane and said I should lie down,  they had guns and machetes, they said they will kill us all,  they had other people too that walked into the street,  I was so afraid and it felt so real.

Next thing it clicked in my mind start praising God,  that was how I started singing Your Name Is a Strong Tower,  Jesus.,  I continued singing and noticed one brother was also singing..
Next thing they pierced one guy ‘s cheek with the knife and he started bleeding.
Then one said the knife wasn’t sharp enough that it needed to be sharpened,  so the brother that I noticed singing offered to go and sharpen it  and said he would like me to come with him,  that was how I got up and followed him then we started running,  with me carrying my child on my side,  they noticed and pursued us but glory to God we escaped.
I don’t know how I saw my husband,  he picked me up and I narrated the whole story to him.  On our way home we saw dead bodies on the ground,  when we inquired we were told the kidnappers killed them,  I just continued praising God with that song and said in my dream that I would write to you to testify of God’s great deliverance on my life and family.
I pray that God who has delivered me will deliver me from stagnation in my job search and also bless me with twins as I desire.
May the Lord’s mighty hand never depart from you and your family.  Thanks

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