September 20, 2018 by 0

Hello, Hallelujah challenge 2018 team,

I want to bless God for what he has done for me and my family.
During the hallelujah challenge 2018 i had my 14 prayer request ready as we were told to write them down. i have been writing my professional exams since November 2011. I wrote for 14 diet. During the hallelujah festival at the end w were asked to say congratulations. i kept telling my self congratulation because i watched online. The last diet results i did came out and i passed. Praise God.
Also my mum applied for Visa to Canada after so many back and forth she called me this morning to tell me she has been 4 years Visa. Our God is indeed a way maker.
I am also believing God that my remaining prayer request shall be ticked off accordingly.
Praise God.

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