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Good morning Pastor Nat, I have been contemplating on whether to send this or wait till everything is made manifest (yes I believe that there are greater things to come). Last year I came asking that you pray with me bc I was having issues with my school. After the challenge I still couldn’t graduate and also my job folded up, I lost my grandma. I was distraught. I literally stopped going to church and all. The loses were too much that I fell into a really dark place.

But there’s something about me. I never lose my faith. I still prayed. I still hoped.

So this year I made sure I would follow every instruction during the challenge. I was wondering how I’d just thank God when I hadn’t gotten my master’s degree, I had no job and my relationship wasn’t going anywhere. I only found everything wrong. How was I going to praise. But I did. I came to God with a grateful heart. I praised. I didn’t ask or complain.

I had to go write the paper a third time. Which didn’t go so well. It was worse. The earlier ones I actually wrote well didn’t turn out well so I assumed the worst for this 3rd one. That was the course I was majoring in. I was worried about my transcript. 

But I decided to just praise and seek first the kingdom of God. Not worry about my degree or job or relationship.

I woke up today and something prompted me to check the results. I had a B+ Pastor.

If that wasn’t God then I don’t know. I just thought to send you this so you know how you inspire some of us to continue to seek the face of God.

And as I am certain greater things are to come. Please let’s not share. Bless You.


Dear Pastor, I do not know if it was an addiction or what but I was blindly following a married man and I had prayed countlessly to be able to break away from the relationship. I knew everything was wrong with the relationship but I seemed to be happy and couldn’t break away. He is a world class womanizer but he managed to make me believe he was in love with me. Today I found another lady praising him on social media. I know this lady personally and she’s dating my childhood friend. It was like a wake up call for me. It was one of the things I had listed during this challenge to receive a breakthrough for. It was very hurtful because i felt used and betrayed but I looked at the greater picture. God revealed to redeem.  I feel i have been set free.


Pastor, after the first day of the challenge when we prayed and asked God to repay all outstanding debts. I spoke for myself, my family and friends and social circle. 

My only brother who has been walking for a company since 2016 suddenly got a letter confirming his permanent employment with them with a very good offer. This God is too good. I’m accumulating all the wonders. Olowogbogboro!


I started this challenge and I was prepared for multiple testimonies. An outburst, overflow and abundance in testimonies and miracles. Last night during the challenge I prayed for multiple job offers and it’s 14.54pm here in Ghana and I’ve already received one prospect job offer and an interview for Tuesday.

I thank God he’s using me to show his might. I know that I will come out of that interview successfully and I’ll be a winner because He is indeed the waymaker.


There was a job with a prestigious Company I was looking forward to. The job got stuck, it wouldn’t work out. I was asked to send my cv again to the same place last month. I didn’t think it would work out but I did it anyway. Yesterday I went for an interview for the job. I listened to waymaker by Sinach while waiting for my turn because I was getting nervous. The interview went very well. I have this strong feeling the offer is going to be a mind blowing one. That the 6 months I’ve spent home will be restored and God has exceedingly and abundantly done more than  what I even thought of to ask. I was concerned because there were almost 10 other people who had been recommended. But I trusted in the Most High. Today the lady who recommended me called to tell me I got the job and that I would get an office close to me. Pastor isn’t God good!! Eyyy!!!


This morning during the challenge you asked us to pray for a miracle within the next 24 hours. It is Sunday. But just like Mordecai, I feel I am favored. I was on someone’s mind. The MD asked the lady who recommended me to come and see him tomorrow for a final interview. Sunday oo… An MD who should be resting and chilling with his family.


I went to see the MD for the final interview. He told me that the day I came for the first interview there was something about me that drew his attention to me. He mentioned that out of a 100 candidates he’s willing to hire me and 14 others who will do well in the interview ( the slots available are only 15) He told me there’s something about me that makes him believe i can be perfect on the job. He said it wouldn’t matter whether I get a 90 in the interview or not because the job is mine. I pray for continuous favor like this all the days of my life.

Pastor forgive me for the long mail but I wanted you to know how good the Lord has been.

I want to bless you, your family and your team. I pray for joy, peace, protection, anointing, favor, humility, strength and love for you. God continue to use you to touch lives and inspire some of us.

I’ll follow up with pictures of my graduation, appointment letter and wedding pictures before the year ends.

Also Pastor, eventhough I haven’t been found by the groom yet, I’m inviting you as a special guest to my wedding with all trip expenses and accommodation paid for.

Stay blessed.

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