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Dear Pastor Nat,

During the hallelujah challenge last year my main request was for my sister to graduate well as she had some challenges with her health. Her results came out during the HC and she had failed a module and was not going to graduate in July I was so sad and couldn’t understand why God would allow that happen. Then to make matters worse a few days after submitting the retake coursework her department e-mailed her saying it was submitted in a wrong format and she would be penalized. So the family took the next day to fast and commit the issue to God. She went to the dept.admin and everything was sorted. Now throughout this challenging period, I kept praying Eph.3:20 that not only would God sort this issue but exceed our expectations. on the 18th of August I decided to fast over the issue and pastor Nat was holding an insta live session at noon he spoke about Jonah chapt.2, speaking on Jonah reaching out to God from the belly of the fish even though all hope seemed lost. encouraging us to praise God no matter how hard things are. I sent pastor Nat a dm saying that things haven’t been going well but I will keep praising God and he replied saying hallelujah. To cut this story short by December not only where we celebrating my sister’s graduation but her offer to a multinational. For this HC, I am still trusting God for 13 things on my list but I know that he is more than able. I will keep praising because he is the way maker and when he turns around the capitivity I will be like those who dreamed. I pray for Nathaniel Bassey and his team may the annionting of God over your life never depart from you in Jesus name. May his grace be with you and your family always.

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