September 20, 2018 by 0
Greetings Pastor Nathaniel,
God bless your ministry, family and increase you in all areas.
I have always wanted this…yes today is the day.

My Hallelujah belongs to you Lord…..

You deserve it….
This testimony is long overdue;
Giving God all the glory for the gift money can’t buy.
A smooth and healthy pregnancy turned out to be high risk few weeks to due date. I was told to be on bed rest during the first Hallelujah challenge but will always be on my feet dancing to the song “Olowogbogboro is turning things around ” and praying to God for healing, good health for my baby and myself.  Days after the Hallelujah challenge,  went for a test, was told BP was above normal and needed to be monitored closely. This eventually led to taken the baby out before due date. After child’s birth, I was so anxious to leave the hospital with my baby because I was already on my feet the next day after delivery. All necessary tests and BP was normal. My Doctor came and said I will be allowed to go home the next day with my baby, I was so happy when I heard that…..little did I know that the back to normal BP have increased to above normal which led to my extended stay at the hospital.  I give God all glory because in the midst of the situation, He kept me alive, my baby is also alive and healthy. He is indeed My God with a mighthy hand and outstretched arm, my strong tower and the greatest way maker. In every situation, give thanks to God ( always praise him with all your heart). I am a living testimony of God’s grace. Praise is what I do.
Thank you and God Bless.

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