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Hello pastor Nathanial

I have a testimony to share. It happened that I partook in the 7days prayers and that of hallelujah challenge last year… During our first prayers session on Monday, u said we should give thanks to God about everything he has done and don’t ask for anything at all. I did as instructed kept praying, giving thanks,worship and praise.. Till the next day another prayer of thanks too if am not mistaken.. I have 5 siblings all graduates and no certificate to prove it because of outstanding bills..
We have been believing God for His provision for my parents so that we can pay up our bills in school and get our certificates for 4 years now… Just imagine!!! But as God may have it He has finally answered. My younger sister was favoured by a total stranger she met when searching for a job, he asked what she studied in school and she said Law and he was shocked because how can one with such education be looking for a job in an odd place to cut the story short. She explained everything to him
And he was shocked about everything and told her to come the next day to his office. She did and he was in a meeting till late,she went again he had travelled, went again when he came back he was in a meeting always busy but she told herself one day she would wait no Matter the time and wait for him and she did… He came out and was surprised and His PA had to tell him about her efforts to see him and no time wasting pastor he wrote a check of a million plus to her just like that and told her to go and get her cert and come back and he would give her a job…. Unknown to us at home of what was happening she ran home and broke the good miracle God used a man to do his like that.. He even dash her¬†$100¬†extra sef…. Sir as am talking to you now I and my siblings have gotten our certificates after 4years of graduation…. And I believe the Lord will complete all to perfection. Thanksgiving truly goes a long way. Just like that. Hallelujah
Warm regards
Odife Dumebi

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