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TESTIMONY -Good evening pastor….you have indeed drawn us all closer to God and just for that reason alone God would never leave your family..Amen..I want to share my testimony as Olowogbogboro has done it again in my family ..I have been married for two years now and have a son …yes even though I know I’m not barren I prayed for a second baby and God did. It ..in the month of May I took in and went for a pregnancy test the result stated positive but few days after the result my menstrual flow came
Again and I was so disappointed so along the line a family friend of mine introduced me to the 30 days hallelujah challenge I stated on the 8 th day and wasn’t frequent with it but suddenly suddenly I prayed to God wholeheartedly when you decreed about fruit of the womb I keyed into that prayer point and on the last day when you asked us to thank God for everything I did so but just today I have just gotten back from the hospital and my test results says positive…pastor it I’d the handiwork of..this was at the last HALLELUJAH challenge and as we speak now I’m holding the OLOWOGBOGBORO baby..Amen
I write this in tears because presently my husband is being held in the south African prsions just on his way back to Nigeria..They are contemplating on leaving him for a month or more but I don’t want to take their word.i believe God that’s why I’m asking you to please join your Faith with mine for the Urgent release of my husband and restoration of peace and unity in our home…we have two little kids together please pastor Nath put I and my family in prayers for I am sure I would testify even before the end of today..Amen

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