Testimony – day 3

September 14, 2018 by 0

The song “Your name is a way maker Jesus” from the 2nd day of the Hallelujah Challenge ministered to me and after the 3rd day’s session I fell asleep and woke up singing the song.

When Pst Nathaniel said to ask for one thing the way maker should do for us yesterday – my request  (apart from the 14# others in my Halleluyah notebook) was a way to get my mum a ticket to the UK this summer that was a direct flight and affordable as the prices from Lagos is over £1,200 & I didn’t have the funds.
Felt led to call Virgin Atlantic from UK this morning & the agent was able to offer me a direct flight for her in July for £400!!! By adding air miles from both my mum and I which was still not enough then she topped up diff at 50% discount. From £1,280 – £400!!!
The Way Maker made a way for me ohh- This JESUS is too good ohh

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