Testimony of accomodation

September 6, 2018 by 0

Hi , pastor

I joined last year aswel in 2017 i believe on the 8 th day … I dont know but when i told some people about it
They said miracles only happen in Africa …

Wel am proving them wrong . i signed my contract for a new apartment 29/06 … Just wanted to hold the key before i send in my testimony .

…in my country some white people sleep outside…. Government does not help them

me that am a full african born under the hot sun the government is going to be paying my rent without me bringing any of the papers they asked for its as if someone already went there to make file for me …..

The man who stayed there before me ..told me that he giving me back the transport fees i payed to get to apartment i thought he was joking till he reached for his wallet pls were in Europe does a this tenant do this

And as if thats not enough my landlord is paying me back my 1st month rent so i can buy furniture with it

Please were in Europe is this done?? Tell me if not God how would this be possible

This is to much for a pregnant lady who has been struggling since i got pregnant unexpectedly and out of wedlock i thought God would not hear my cry … because me of all people went against the Gods commandment

But my God is merciful he makes a way for his lost children

God has putting a smile on my face and that of my miracle baby ….

I just want to say a big thank u to God

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