Testimony of Divine Protection!

September 17, 2018 by 0
Good morning, Pastor Nat,
My name is Tolu. Let me start by saying I’m not one to publicly share a testimony, at best I’d  share it with a few family members and that’s  it. This however is too much for me to share with just a few people, because God literally came through for me and MADE A WAY.
On Tuesday afternoon, I boarded a bus from Lagos en route Ibadan. As usual before takeoff I said a prayer of protection under my breath. In the course of the journey, the driver kept looking at the tyres at his side, about 2hours into the journey, as we were getting closer to Ibadan, (somewhere in Ogun State) the brake completely failed and the bus was just moving of its own accord.
There was a big truck/trailer to our left, a much bigger trailer right in front of us and a ditch to our right. As I raised my head and saw the supposed horror before me, all I could say was JESUS! JESUS! JESUS!
The driver lost control due to the brake failure and the bus was heading straight for the trailer infront of us. To be honest, it felt like I experienced what it meant for your life to flash right in front of you.
I just kept shouting JESUS! And suddenly, I don’t know where that WAY came from, but the Outstretched Arm of God created a way, because there was clearly none,  God took control of the steering wheel and in a way that I’m still finding hard to comprehend, HE made a way to the left of the trailer infront that we were just a few inches from ramming into.
I honestly can’t explain it, because, it wasn’t the driver that manoeuvred (in that split second) away, from behind the trailer to a space that wasn’t even there. That was God and only God! Only God could have created that way.
Thankfully there was no other vehicle directly infront of the bus and after a few seconds, the bus stopped. Oh the way I pushed the lady beside me through the door, because I just did not want to spend another second in that bus.
It was after I got off the bus that I realised that the 2 ladies sitting infront, beside the driver had flung the door open in panic (at the sight of what could have been a fatal accident) and jumped off while the bus was still moving. Thankfully, they did not sustain any fatal injury, they, however, had some bruises and scratches.
Some of us were able to get another vehicle to Ibadan, I got home safely and when I saw my Mum, I hugged her so tightly and cried, I’ve never been that happy seeing my Mum.
I am beyond convinced that this God, the One who neither sleeps nor slumber is constantly watching over me and over my family, and His Love for me and my family is infinite, because He looked upon me with Mercy and intervened. I’m very convinced God said:
“My daughter cannot be in this bus and this bus will be involved in any form of accident”
This morning during the Day 4 Hallelujah Challenge, when you said we should ask for nothing but rather, we should just give thanks, I knew this was for me, and more especially when you said to Thank God for staying the hand of death. I broke down in Thanksgiving to God.
He is indeed a Merciful God and I am eternally grateful.
Kindly share.
Thank you.

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