Testimony of Marriage

September 14, 2018 by 0

Hello Pastor Nathaniel,

God is truly a way maker. I took part in last year’s Halleluyah challenge in my rented mini flat. Regardless of neighbours, I praised and prayed at the top of my lungs each night of the challenge. One of my prayer points was for God to direct the man He has chosen, to locate me. I did not want to get married immediately, having just left a broken engagement, but I also knew that I did not want to pay a second year’s rent in that apartment. So I prayed for a good man, handpicked by God.

Fast forward to 2018’s Halleluyah challenge, I am partaking in it from my husband’s house! ???. Awesome God! He listens and grants the desires of our hearts. My dowry has been paid, traditional wedding is December and white is sometime next year. Please pray for God’s provision on our behalf. Things have been slow, but I believe in the way maker.
Thank you for allowing God use you to bring us to Him. God bless you!

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