Testimony of Praise

September 17, 2018 by 0

I would like to start by Praising JEHOVAH for using you Pastor Nathaniel to refocus us to the purpose of our existence which is to serve, praise and worship The Most High GOD. During last year’s Hallelujah challenge, i brought my issue of blood just like the woman in the bible who touched the hem of JESUS’ garment and the complications in my marriage before the Rock of Ages. I praised and prayed as i had been bleeding heavily for 18 to 20 days a month for Over 3yrs which later graduated to daily heavy bleeding with intense pain from June 2017 to February 2018. The doctors tried to manage this situation without any luck but for some reason did not act promptly. In January of this year i collapsed due to an extreme shortage of blood as i had less than half of the required blood in my body and had emergency blood transfusion and it was unsafe to carry out a surgery because i would have died in the process due to inadequate blood level. JEHOVAH then showed his hand by using one of my sisters to shake the whole of the hospital. This precious sister got executives in one of the NHS hospitals involved such that my case was prioritised and what should have happened four years ago happened in less than four weeks despite the waiting list constraints in the NHS. The devil again reared it’s head on the day of the surgery as it was initially cancelled but JEHOVAH stepped in by using this precious sister and senior management at the hospital to ensure that the surgery took place. On getting to the theatre the anaesthetist was reluctant to put me through but THE ROCK OF AGES took charge. Myself and my husband were also involved in a 30 day vigil with Agape fellowship and as The Mighty King of Glory would have it, I had my hysterectomy on the 30th day of this vigil and i made sure I joined this last day of vigil less than 3 hours after one of the biggest surgery in gynaecology. I had waited for almost 4 years for this surgery and it was essential for me to praise and thank JEHOVAH. My marriage is the best it has ever been and I have been married for close to 20yrs. I am confident that Our Great OLOWOGBOGBORO will perfect all other areas in HIS time. I am ever so grateful for Our Strong Tower. I ran to HIM with all my loved ones supplicating on my behalf and I was made whole. I thank God for surrounding me with people who love me with the love of GOD throughout this difficult journey. I pray JEHOVAH continue to uphold you, your family and your team as well as Agape London and my local church. HIS Grace will always find you and yours and He will continually renew your strength like the eagle’s. YESHUA’s blood will be upon everyone of you and no evil shall prevail over you, your teams and your family. I am incredibly grateful to GOD and ask that you thank HIM on my behalf with absolute humility. GOD Bless you and yours and may HE continue to bless this glorious work of your hands, Pastor Nathaniel.

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