Testimony report

September 17, 2018 by 0
Good evening pastor Nat,
This testimony is from the last hallelujah challenge. God granted two of my requests on my hallelujah report.
I ask GOD to bless my brother and his wife with a child. They have been married for years. Before the challenge ended my brother’s wife conceived and I give me a handsome nephew. He’s hale and healthy. He wiped out tears of many years.
For my second request, I asked GOD for a future partner. Even though I lost hope and never thought I would find true love because of what I’ve been through in past. I don’t worry or think about it anymore at a point but during the challenge I asked GOD to have his way and sent me someone I will fall in love with and he will also be in love and genuine with me. A husband not a boyfriend. I told GOD to have his way in my life concerning my marital journey. To cut the short pastor Nat, I’m happy to to testify that the Olowogbogboro did IT and speedily too! He did it “Just like that o” The olowogbogbo give me a man beyond what I thought I needed in a man. He gave me the one he wants for me. I look at him sometimes and see the reason why others where deceitful and GOD made me wait. He had someone special for me and made our path cross at his timing. I thank GOD everyday I didn’t settle and didn’t go out of his will. He is an unexplainable GOD. I thanked him and mentioned all the things I’m still asking him for like you told us to do during tonight’s challenge and I know the way maker has done it. I will come bck to testify! Way maker Miracle worker Promise keeper Light in the darkness My GOD That is who you are!!!!!!!!!!

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