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Hello Pastor Nathaniel Bassey, Good evening Sir.
Happy New Month.
Sir,I would like to remain anonymous.
Last year June,I joined the HALLELUJAH CHALLENGE a week after it started.
I informed my husband and my In-laws about it and we all prayed together.
I had some wishes and desires which I told God about it by keying into the daily prayers you told us to say with the bible passages.
Two of those wishes were granted by God and I know God is still working on the others.
The first one was to guide,protect and Bless my husband on the journey he was about to embark on. He was planning to travel out of the country to hustle.
The second one was the fruit of the womb. Although we have a son,we have been trying for the second child it was just not happening so I was worried.
God showed himself to us,God Blessed my husband when he travelled and opened a bigger opportunity for him. God Blessed me with the fruit of the womb and now we have a daughter.
The reason am testifying now is because I told GOD I will do it next year(which is now this year)that I will inform you t THANK GOD on my behalf.
Am indeed GRATEFUL to GOD for answering my prayers,am THANKFUL to GOD for using you to Bless us.
May God continue to uplift your ministry and answer when you call on him Amen.
Sir,my family and I are eagerly waiting for the next HALLELUJAH CHALLENGE to be Blessed.

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