Thanking God for his divine covering over my family

September 6, 2018 by 0

I am writing this to Thank God for his protection over my children, for not making me lose any of them. We went to the mall on Monday and while there they all wanted to pee. I took them and told my 9yr old boy to go with his 5yr old brothers(twin) and make sure they stay with him while i went with my daughter to the ladies section. We came out to meet them and he told me they did not agree to stay with him rather they had gone to meet their Daddy. Immediately i ran out, it was a big mall, i called my husband and he said they were not with him and he was coming to meet us, i was already crying, in a big mall where do i want to go in search of two children, a thousand and one things ran through my mind, i did not even know where to start but SUDDENLY God did it, i looked up and i saw two of them running around, looking for us,one was already crying and the other (the lead was laughing) they did not see me but i saw them and ran towards them to take them.
God did it because he did not put us through the trouble of looking for 2 children at once, i was already walking to another direction but he brought me back and rooted me to a spot there until they came running there, if not that i was there they would have run past again.
And this is not what i normally do, i take them with their sister to the ladies section and we all pee and their brother will be waiting for us outside but i guess the devil thought he could play a smart one but was outsmarted by God.
I praise God’s name for his divine covering over my family.

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