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Good day Sir. I am a Ghanaian and a resident in the United states. I work in the hospital as a Patient Care Tech. I partook in the hallelujah Thanksgiving day and followed the instructions you gave. I got to work this night and had the chance of sitting with a patient who was admitted to my Unit for a suicide attempt with a history of anxiety and depression with OD attempts on multiple occasions for 30mins. I decided to share Christ with her. I did so and led her to receive Christ as her Lord and personal Savior. I prayed with her and she said to me, “it was God that made you spend time with me and I am ready to live for Him”.
I give God the praise for giving me the boldness to do so as it is a very delicate issue to be caught in the act of preaching to a Client but I did it anyway all to the glory of God.
Thank you

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