Thanksgiving #He has made a way where dia is no way o

September 6, 2018 by 0

Gudday sir,Hmmmm Thanksgiving Thanksgiving waymakerrrrrrrr…I joined d Hallelujah challenge ystday,wrote down my prayer points hmmm…iv bin in skul snc 2010,supposed to have graduated 2016 but I graduated 2017 june even at dat I had spil for first n second semester..When I saw my second Semester result n dt i have a course to come bk n write,I got worried n spoke to my mum abt it cuz she was in my skul,she went to beg d lecturer to help pass me dt I have bin in skul snc 2010But he told her dat it was too late dia is notin he can do abt it(diz happnd last yr)..I accepted my fate n registered d course now second semester will b starting July but d way makerrr hs started sumtin today june 2018..I got a call from my mum today askin for d course code n dt he said she shud kip reminding him..iv com to give God thnks I knw He dt started diz wil finish it..He has made a way..Nothing is impossible with my God..

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