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Good morning and God bless you, sir.

Please, I am sorry I really don’t know how to summarize this.
I joined the Hallelujah Challenge for just 2nights..The first was Monday night ,I actually couldn’t connect live because I overslept,but after my normal prayer time at the 4:40am thereabouts I checked YouTube and watched the already streamlined praise that was led by Victoria Orenze and as I was Praising God spoke to me confirming what He has begun and would do through this Hallelujah Praise and also by the Holy Spirit gave me a song which I would like to call a Revival Song..
Secondly last night I engaged myself since the live streaming didn’t come up on time and when I was through I checked Facebook and watched the already streamlined video despite the struggle with sleep..when I was through it was almost time for my Prayer session when I laid down and then the demon that usually comes after my Prayer to disturb of which has been a serious concern came again to block my vision I believe but this time Olowogbogboro didn’t allow,as it was trying to cover my eyes and ears I heard a still voice that said “look” and then I fell into a ‘5D’ trance because it was just too clear sir,..I ran out of a place pursing this strange demon in a human form and when I thought it had gone I turned and saw battalion of them running towards me to push me back ,i started running and then the still voice said again “start speaking in tongues” as I started sir they all started falling into a very massive ditch that looked like a place mass wasting occurred,it was very deep and large ,as they were falling I stood at the height I was and looked down and saw very fine buildings looking like skyscrapers with very beautiful colored lights coming up,the sight was terrific and amazing sir….Then my alarm rang and woke me up to the still voice again,He said “Builder of Waste places” and I started thanking God..I know without a doubt God is just starting with me and everyone who cares to key into this..I thank This great God who has delivered me and I am set to receive all Olowogbogboro has for me and my family in Jesus name..God bless you sir for answering this call and God knows how much I want to meet with you and Victoria Orenze as people I look up to in music ministry especially in this great Revival move..I admire and desire the grace at work in your lives…Peace!!

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