The devil has been put to shame

September 20, 2018 by 0

Goodmorning sir..

God has indeed showed His mighty hand in my family.. He’s showed me He’s my strong tower and way maker.
It would have been an error to partake in the hallelujah challenge and be mocked by the devil.
I couldn’t join the praise this morning cos my network was terrible. For 45mins I waited for my network to stabilise but to no avail so I prayed and asked God for the same protection and blessings over everyone praising him this morning over my siblings and called everyone by name before retiring to bed.
I woke up this morning to watch the recorded event of the early hours that i couldn’t join when my mum that was preparing for work ran to my room to tell me your younger sister just called from Uyo and asked us to thank God for saving her from fire last night.
I immediately called her and she narrated the story on how she lit a candle, put it in a ceramic cup and slept off, the candle finished.. burnt the ceramic cup, a few things and cupboard that had her food stuffs to the ground and her camp gas cylinder was an inch away from the cupboard. She and her friend woke up and the whole house was covered with smoke, their faces, clothes and everything was covered with charcoal.
They inhaled the smoke for God knows how long and woke up alive. Jehovah over Do, strong tower God, way maker Daddy put off the fire and saved my kid sister and her friend.
God put a song and laughter in our mouths instead of her neighbours calling for us to come and carry her remains she called for us to thank our way maker.
I say thank you my strong tower..
Thank you sir Nathaniel Bassey for this wonderful idea..
God bless you, your family and your team..
Hallelujah to His name.

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