The Unlimited God

June 14, 2017 by 0

I give all glory to God, He’s Jehovah overdo, the unlimited God. Thank you so much for obeying the voice of God cos this challenge has changed my life so much. God has done so much, walking was a huge challenge for my dad. He’ld trip and fall at random, once off a bathtub. It was really scary. I joined believing God for a miracle and He has done it. He walks very well now. He hasn’t fallen again. I want to thank this God for I know he’ll bring to perfection what He has started. Praise God!!!!! He also delivered us from the hands of thieves last night. They went to other houses but couldn’t get into ours. Olowogbogboro is involved. Hallelujah!! !! !

chiamaka Agomuo


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