The way maker made a way

September 20, 2018 by 0

Good evening,

I should have sent this testimony sometime ago but kept on postponing but was reminded today.
I applied for an internship with Gt bank in May and they kept on postponing even with the influence and pressure my guarantor who was working in the head office was mounting on them.
Then I joined the hallelujah challenge on the 4th day which we were just suppose to thank God and not ask for anything, I thank God and in the morning just decided to remind my guarantor again. Then he sent the number of the HR personnel and I called him and he kept on saying they will call me.
He later told me to bring my document the following week to the head office and another HR personnel was saying that was I some kind of spirit,that my document was always appearing on his desk and to the glory of God, on Thursday that week I received the call have been waiting for to come collect the offer letter.
I just want to thank God because he is a miracle worker, way maker and bulldozer.

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