September 20, 2018 by 0

Good evening pastor Nathaniel, this God is too good.. I have been participating on the hallelujah challenge except few days i missed and i believe i will share my testimony before it ends.. This is what God did, my fiance was working on a project he and other participants were given deadline to submit & the best will be picked.. This afternoon he called me that he will be reviewing his work and they will get back to him if picked and he told me that i should pray along with him before going for the review. Right at my place of work i started praying & connect to the hallelujah challenge for my testimony. I was on my way home when he called me that he was pick among others, the God of olowogbogboro did it for us, despite the fact that he submitted his late and they are waiting for his own to compare before choosing..Now he was asked to submit other things for the perfection of the project and he’s on it at the moment.. Help me thank God because he that started the work i know he will perfect it..Hallelujah


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