To God be the glory

September 4, 2018 by 0

I have come to testify about the goodness of the Lord. I ought to have given this testimony but I kept postponing it till now. Last year, I joined the hallelujah challenge,though i wasn’t consistent, my prayer point was my family to relocate to Canada and get settled there. We started the process and we became permanent residents of Canada before the end of last year. On getting Canada, people said it isn’t easy to get jobs here without a prior work experience in Canada but I held on to God’s promises in His word. I want to give God all the glory because we were favored in a strange land , my husband and I got good jobs without no prior work experience in Canada. I return all the glory to God because only Him could have done this. I know He’s not finished with us yet, He is just starting.
Praise the Lord!

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