Asylum Granted

October 6, 2017 by 0

My testimonies have been due since August but I thank God for the grace to be sending it today. Firstly, I participated in the #Hallelujahchallenge from day 5 or so and did everything wrote my request and danced on every single night. I had an appeal in July of which I always prayed during the challenge that I don’t want to go to court before I will be established in this country because the word of God made me know wherever the sole of my foot shall tread He has given to me but little did I know that God’s ways are not our ways. July came went for the appeal the case that my barrister said will lasted 4 hours lasted 20/25 minutes and the judge that says he will not reply me that day actually did and granted me my asylum. Just like that I was favoured beyond human comprehension and when the paper finally came it was just wonderful with a lot of benefits I never expected to get. Secondly, I want to thank God on behalf of my husband our prayer requests was about his coming to meet me abroad but God surprised in another way by promoting him at his place of work from an Officer to an Assistant Manager. Indeed it can only be God and I know He that has done all this will perfect every other thing concerning us. Olowogbogboro did it for us. Thank you, Jesus!!! God bless Minister Nathaniel for allowing God to use him to impact people’s life positively. More anointing sir.

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