Father VISA granted

October 26, 2017 by 0

I want to thank Rose of Sharon for granting one of my requests. My Son’s father refused to visit us even after filing papers for him to come to the U. S and see his son since birth. I have been taking care of him with the help of my family. He contacted me that he was ready to go to the Embassy, I wasn’t too thrilled because of what he has put me through. My only prayer that moment was for God’s will to be done. He went to the embassy today, and he wasn’t even there for an hour he was granted his visa. I give ancient of days all glory and praise.
I thank God for your life pst Nat for allowing him to use you this way, my love to Nwan Akwa ibom. May God grant all our desires this November in Jesus precious name Amen. I can’t wait. it will be glorious

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