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Where do i start to recount all his blessings to me and my family even when we dont desrve it, he has been there. Father i give you all the praise and Glory.

I have this testimony drafted out in my Jesus Journal even before its manifestation…but its just too long to share. Let me try cutting it short.

It all began in 2015 when i started making applications for masters scholarship abroad. Commonwealth scholarship schemes were the first places i submitted my application, one of my referees did not send his reference letter to the scholarship team, so i was disqualified even before proper screening and interview. I wasnt discouraged, i decided to continue submitting applications and work on improving better on my lapses. I subscribed to all these websites that send scholarship alerts through email.

As much as i really wanted to study in US, Canada, Australia, i dint meet their major scholarship requirements or Application fee and internationally recognised English Language proficiency test. I now decided to apply for any favourable scholarship at any good school outside Nigeria that dint require these 2 major criterias.

My submitted applications in 2016 against 2017 session include, commonwealth sholarships,Chevening etc. I had this convinction within me that 2017 is my year, even my January 2017 fasting progamme was themed thus “THIS IS MY YEAR”. My Spiriual life started growing even more, Romans 8:28 started manifesting in my life without me knowing. God sent one of my referees-Mr Eze Chinenye as my helper to share one Chinese government scholarship link to me. At first i was skeptical about applying since it was not an english speaking country even though some courses for the scholarship are fully taught in english, but since there wasnt any harm in trying i made an application. God provided the school and course after several research(Believe me when i say God provided the course and school for this part of my testimony has its own long story).
I submitted my application and sent my documents by march 17 and it got to the destination before the stated deadline, 31st march(another miracle God performed, for me. Even the post office workers had doubt it would deliver before then, God still showed that he is a miracle working God).

By April i finished NYSC, i dint want to apply for any job since i had faith that i was going to leave the country for my masters by september, so i decided i was going to learn a skill instead. I even started sharing my testimony to friends urging them to make any of their marriage plans and other occassions before september since i was to leave by then. It was a funny joke to them at first, but later when they noticed it was a reoccuring topic of mine in any of our discussions, they commended me for my faith and encouraged me (i Thank God for giving me such wonderful Jesus-lovers as friends).

By May, i received a mail from the University i sent applications to in China, informing me of an online interview with the department i applied to. The only question i remembered i answered well during the interview was my name, Network fluctuations also helped me skip some questions i dint even know answers to. None of the interview sample questions i got from Mr Chinenye were asked reason been that God didn’t want to share his Glory with any man (Its now i understand it better)…………


By June, some of my applications including commonwealth,Chevening scholarship etc were unsuccessful. I was dissappointed though it dint stop me from believing God for my scholarship. At some point the devil brought this “what if it doesnt work?” Thoughts but 1st Peter 5:7 and Phillipians 4:6 would always try and arrest my negative thoughts and change them for positive thoughts instead.
I started the Hallelujah Challenge, Masters scholarship abroad was one of my prayer points-i was actually thanking him for this long anticipated testimony during this period. Before the end of the Challenge, i believed God for my testimony, when it wasnt forthcoming i was a bit dissappointed but yet i dint give up. By now i had a focus on the scholarship i wanted-the Chinese Government Scholarship.

On sunday the 2nd July, which was the end of the “Good morning Enugu praise festival” organised by “House on the Rock Enugu” where Pastor Nathaniel Bassey ministered. I received the Grace to carry out a daily midnight praise throughout the month of July as my Middle of the year fast.
When i started my midnight praise, it was almost impossible that i would finish till the end, but His Grace kept me, protected and strenghtened me throughout. During this July, i started recieving emails from the China University which i believed were all in my favour.

On the saturday, 30th July i received an email with a preliminary list of the successful applicants who passed the china university interview, only 47 applicants (40- masters, 7 -PHD)from all over the world were succesful out of over 200 that applied to the department. Amidst all the “Mohammeds” and other foreign long names, My simple small Name “Okolo Chioma” was on the list(remember i only answered my name well during the interview). I was overwhelmed with joy, even though the list was not the final list, i knew his outstretched arm had lifted me. And to think it was the last day of my personal midnight praise that He gave me my bottom pot testimony. Can you imagine an office working and sending mails on saturday evening (Summary-God did not allow them to rest until i was settled).

Fast forward to today, i received an email from the school congatulating me that i was among the few approved for sponsorship by the Chinese Government.
I tried counting all my blessings but i couldnt finish, see small me been blessed with Full Scholarship for masters study in one of the top 40 schools in the whole of China(The Northeastern University China) + accomodation + feeding+ monthly stipend. What better place is there to learn Software engineering than the number 1 most technologically advanced country-CHINA, i cant thank him enough.
Even the place where i paid to learn how to sew (deliberately paid for 3 months plan that june i started, since i believed i wouldnt be around by september)God still showed me favour and taught me all others learn within 6-12 months under 2 months. Where do i start in counting my blessings? I still cant thank him enough.

Now i am preparing to leave this country by flight for the very first time in my life, to study and achieve my dreams. This God is just too good, i dont deserve all these blessings. That is why i would worship and love him forever because he is just too good……. OKOLO CHIOMA AFOMA


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