God never fails

October 12, 2017 by 0

I pray this testimony goes out to encourage someone that God never fails and he won’t start. I have moved between many countries and have been unable to start my dream career and coupled with job application rejections. So I just moved to this country on the 8th of June and had said this is my last stop. I joined the hallelujah challenge on the 14th of June, two days after my birthday. I wrote down my desires in a small book as pastor Nat had requested and prayed on it till the end of the challenge. One of them was that I get a residence permit in this new country. The type of permit I applied for could take up to two years and in this period you are not allowed to work. I had met some people who applied for a permit under the same terms and have not even had it in 3 years. Two weeks ago ie 4 months after applying for the permit I got a letter saying they have started treating my case and want more documents. They asked for 5 documents; I had just 3 and they asked me to bring them a maximum within 5 days.

One of the documents had to be taken from the tax office; making it number 4 and this document takes only 2 days to get to you by post. So I still lacked document 5. I applied for this 4th document from the tax office and I waited till the 5th day and didn’t receive it. So my sister advised me to take the 3 documents I have and go give them and say when I have the 4th I would bring it rather than be late on the date which was the latest date. I prayed on the 3 documents and wrote a short letter saying I would bring document 4 later and submitted the 3 documents I had. I still kept waiting for the 4th document from the tax office and yesterday marks 10 days after I submitted the other docs. I received two letters, one was from the tax office ( document number 4 had arrived) and the other letter was from the immigration office. I decided to open the one from the immigration office first because I was imagining they must be so pissed that I have not submitted all the documents they asked. Behold the letter was saying ” your residence permit has been granted”. Mind you I didn’t submit document number 4, it arrived in the mail with the granted permit and I didn’t even have document number 5. Is this not God? He does the unbelievable. How did I get a permit without fulfilling all the requirements?olowogbogboro

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